Thursday, February 4, 2010

My go-to baby care product list

Being a first time parent, finding the right baby care products is trial and error. It seems that the list is ever changing. Below is what I have found that works for us. This has become my go-to list for the baby basics.




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  1. we are big burts bee's lovers & i like the california baby products as well. we took a recent vacay & flew to our destination. it had been awhile since i had been on a plane & didn't know about the new rules of container sizes, etc. they took EVERYONE of our beauty & baby products. i was so mad at them & mad at myself for not knowing this. ugh. as you can calculate in your head...yep, it was alot of $ to be taken right from us.

    i have just now bought the burt's bee paycheck the california products. they all smell so good.


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