Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Housekeeping

Sigh! It's 12:00am and feels good to finally sit and have a little me time. We have been battling illness of various degree this past week at our house, and sleep/me time has come at a premium. It seems that I am over whatever I had, but Elise and Hubby are still uncomfortable with colds. So, after a long work week, I spent the evening deep cleaning everything I could get my hot pink cleaning gloves on! Maybe this means I can sleep in a little in the morning, lets say 7:00am? One can only dream!

Well, it's off to bed I go. Catch you in the morning. Elise and I are making eggs in a basket for breakfast. She saw the recipe on Sprout, and I promised we would try it out tomorrow...

Sweet Dreams!

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