Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past Saturday hubby and I enjoyed a date day, while Elise played with my parents. We have not had time alone since his company Christmas party, so this was a much needed date day! The morning was spent purchasing and assembling Elise's first play house from Step 2. Above are photos from the big reveal! Elise loves her new play space, and so do we as you can see!
Now, head on over to  Between You & Me's weekend recap linky party!


  1. thanks for stopping by the party! I'm now a happy follower of your blog!

  2. What fun Elise is going to have!!

    Auntie Carol

  3. how fun.
    can you believe we don't have ANY playhouse stuff???
    crazy. i think we are going to be doing the same though - and get some sort of "set" in the next week or two.


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