Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I received this beautiful award from Maine Mummy! Thanks Sarah!
Check out her blog and follow her "journey from England to small town Maine..."

Beautiful Blogger Award, pass it on!
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 Opie Dawn Facts
  1. I love Jesus with all my heart!
  2. I am a wife to my loving husband, mother of one sweet little girl, and SAHM trapped in a career girls body. 
  3. I am a graphic design/photography studio art major, and only worked in my degree for two years. Now you will find me in a corporate office, swimming in excel spreadsheets and purchase orders. This blog is my creative outlet and me time!
  4. Hubby and I went to NY for New Years Eve and braved the Times Square madness, to watch the ball drop. It was a blast, but we vow never to do this AGAIN! So very cold, and no bathroom breaks! We stood out there in 18 degree, sleeting rain from 5:30 to Midnight. Good times!
  5. I enjoy volunteering along side hubby, as Sunday school teachers in the preschool department at church.
  6. "Backpacked" Italy with my best friend of  19 years!
  7. Most evenings after work, you will find me dancing ballet with our sweet baby girl, while hubby chases behind. Love it!
    I am passing this lovely award onto the following beautiful blogs:
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    These two blogs will touch your heart and bring so much encouragement!


  1. New Years Eve sounds like something you have to do once but will only do once!!! Come enter my giveaway!

  2. i loved reading these little facts about you. so fun to get to know people more through the tags or awards.

  3. Love your fun facts! Thanks for passing the award along to me. I'll be posting my fun facts before the end of the week. ;-)

    Auntie Carol


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