Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love Mom Link Party!

Mother's Day is May 9th and in honor of motherhood I am hosting my first linky party. Include your favorite photo of your mom and complete this statement, "The Greatest thing I have learned from my mother...".
Honor your mom here by joining the celebration May 9th.

Feel free to grab a button on the right of this page. 


  1. i'll be there!!!

    super idea! in fact, perfect!


  2. I will be participating! Thank you!

  3. Will it be on May 9th??

  4. So excited! Thanks for joining in the fun! Can't wait to hear your stories. May 9th is correct.

  5. Hi sweetness, I love this idea. Sorry I missed it when you first posted, I am MIA these days, trying to finish up the school year, dance recital's and get ready to go out of town, life is crazy. I will not be in town on Sunday, but I will try to link up from where we are, but I will grab your button and let other people know about it

    Cha Cha

  6. Thanks Cha Cha! You are so sweet! You are a busy bee these days.


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