Saturday, March 27, 2010

Raising a Foodie

I have been cooking up a storm today, along with enjoying this beautiful weather we are having. Busy, busy!
Ever since Elise was first introduced to real food (post breast milk/formula days) I have tried to instill good eating habits. As you know, this is not an easy thing to do when the picky eater comes to dinner! A long while back I posted on what I call the super vegetable mix from Healthy Times Baby Food. To this day she still requests this wonder puree and will sit and eat a a whole bowl like it's ice cream. I have been pretty lucky that she loves veggies so much, but there are still challenges. My go to books for a while were the Deceptively Delicious cookbook and Cooking for Baby, wholesome, homemade, delicious. These two books are so helpful in starting to raise a foodie, but now we want to breakdown the deception and stop hiding the veggies. So after our Whoopie Pie extravaganza this morning, and a long nap, we had a little cooking demo for dinner. She loves eggs, asparagus and cheese, so I thought we would make a frittata using these ingrediants, and introduce two new items. Enter the red bell pepper and fresh dill! I brought out all the tools and ingredients and set up on the kitchen island. Elise was perched on a bar stool chomping on asparagus spears as I showed her what everything was. She cracked eggs (yes it was extremely messy!), did a  little stirring , and before we knew it dinner was served! Here is the finished product.
 Elise loved it!


  1. The plate presentation is gorgeous & looks so yummy! The Whoopi Pies made my mouth water!!

    Auntie Carol ;-)

  2. i am struggling with my oldest. he is so picky!
    i cook 95% of the time at home. he & i are at constant battle at the table. thankfully the other two love just about anything.
    you are so smart in doing this, and also getting her involved in making the meals. i know it will pay off for you & HER!

    beautiful dish. can't help but notice it has a "yellow" color theme. ;) giggles!

    hope you all have a lovely sunday!


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