Thursday, March 11, 2010

Owl about Etsy Finds

I did a little Owl watching at Etsy today and found a few items to hoot about!
These cookies look to good to eat, but I could nibble on a few!

Move over piggy bank and hello Owl! Save your pennies for a rainy day in this bright sunny little owl bank.

Keep the ICK away in this wet proof zip bag.

Bringing the outdoors in. This cute little owl could find a spot somewhere on my wall!


  1. I love owls! and do Etsy Owl posts on my blog too. Love your finds, especially the "ick" bag, too cute!!!

  2. Hi, you are the winner of Friday's with Friends at email me withyou info and I will mail you your apron.


    Cha Cha

  3. how 'bout ya! winning the apron. way to go april.

    i was also going to mention that my cousin loves owls & does an owl feature every friday. but i can see up above that she beat me to it. *i guess you figured it out that maegan from a little twig birdhouse is my cousin!*

    anyways, cute owls. hope you have a great weekend!


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