Saturday, May 7, 2011

Toddler Bag

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What to do when the changing mat and diapers have been replaced by a travel Lysol spray and potty seat covers!
We have been out of diapers for about 3 months now, and it is very freeing in many ways, but has opened up a few unforeseen obstacles.  Before, the diaper change could happen most anywhere, anytime, thanks to the trusty changing mat and/or back of the car (we’ve all been there). Now, the hunt is on for the nearest public restroom. The rush of making it in time, and then the germ phobic, gut wrenching reaction to the unkempt toilet! Out comes the trusty travel Lysol can, and potty seat cover (the Princess or Dora print somehow brightens the mood, you know?), and hold on for dear life as that tiny little hiney hovers dangerously close to falling in said toilet. ARGH!! Next is the grand exit strategy, followed by the ever popular statements, “Don’t touch that”, “don’t crawl under the stall door”, and the balancing act of helping a three foot little one wash their hands without wallering all over the cruddy sink. OH! And remember to pray (seriously) for there to be pink soap when you do make it to the sink, because if it’s not pink, we’re in trouble!
So, we’ve graduated from diapers to big kid undies, and don’t find the need to carry the old diaper bag around anymore, but still find a need for a few essentials while out-and-about.
Enter the toddler bag! Here is what I find helpful to have on hand.
  • wipes
  • potty seat covers
  • change of clothes or two depending on where you are at with the newly discovered potty
  • hand sanitizer
  • plastic baggie to store wet clothes
Note: Keep the bag compact! Better yet, fit it in your purse, though I find it hard to do still. You will be squeezing into a one person stall most often, as someone has occupied the largest stall. A tip to getting in and out of said small stall: Pick up toddler, turn sideways and slide into the tiny crack of the stall door without running into the toilet paper dispenser, trash can, and of course the toilet, put toddler down and remember the famous statement “don’t touch anything!” close door and begin prepping the toilet, all the while reminding toddler “don’t touch anything!”.

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2011

    This is a great post! We're not into potty training yet, but this is something that I think about. I will keep this one handy when I'm transitions from diaper bag to toddler bag!


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