Sunday, May 22, 2011

Family Menu Revamp

Recently our weekly family menu has been repetitive and lacking interest, so I am on mission to create a menu plan that is fast, easy, interesting, and above all healthy. To get the ball rolling I found my way over to the food network, specifically Giada's Everyday Italian page. This lady knows how to cook fast, easy, interesting and above all healthy meals! Her videos are easy to follow and cook along with, especially if you prep your ingredients before hand.

Giada De Laurentiis needs no introduction, but just in case you are asking who is Giada, check out her Food Network page here

The hardest part, as you know, will be to create a family friendly menu that both toddler, mom, and dad will enjoy. With this in mind I will be posting a new menu item each week, so check back to see how the menu revamp project is going.

First on our new menu is Giada's Light and Healthy Penne Pasta dish. It's whole grain, has two types of kid friendly cheese, and spinach. Click here for the recipe, and check out the video below.

Light and Healthy Penne

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