Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is harder than giving a cat medicine?

Giving a two-year-old her medicine via oral syringe!

We made a visit to the doctor today, because Elise has been fighting a cough and cold symptoms since Sunday. It turns out she has Bronchitis. She is still very active and happy, but that cough just won't leave her alone. So fast forward a few hours later and Elise and I are in a stand off over this little syringe full of pink cherry flavored medicine. I try reason, distraction, bribery (yes I am not proud, just desperate!), nothing worked. Finally little by little, through the crying, kicking and screaming, I got the medicine down. I was covered in remnants of pink cherry liquid and Elise was fine. This is yet another new phase of toddler that I am not used to. In the past if we needed to give Elise medicine, she would gladly take it without protest. Now, we are faced with the challenge of 4 more days of fighting down medicine. Wish us luck!

Does anyone have a great technique on how to get a toddler to take their medicine?

I  hope this week finds you well.

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