Monday, January 25, 2010

"I love you because..."

I just learned of the sweetest idea to celebrate Valentine's Day with little ones! It is so simple, and is sure to make them feel special. Make a card to your little one and complete this thought..."I love you because..."
Here are some suggestions from our preschool department at church. We are doing this for our class of three-year-olds.

I love you because…
You are a good puzzle worker!
You have a happy smile!
God made you special!
You are kind to your friends!

For an added treat, wouldn't it be nice to use this idea as a count down to Valentine's Day. You could start off with a large poster that reads "I love you because...". Then below this leave a space to count the reasons why. Each day you could post a new "I love you because..." sign. Our sweet girl loves to collect stickers, among various other trinkets. I think she would enjoy seeing her love notes grow each day too!
I will be posting my finished product for Elise as we get closer to Valentine's Day...Remember it's just around the corner, so get crafting!

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  1. This is a great idea. What a nice tradition to start for Valentine's Day! I'm sure E will love the activity!

    Smiles & Love,
    Auntie Carol


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