Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Step Dessert

With all the Fall prep going on, I thought I would make a quick and easy cobbler for dessert tonight. I had one can of pop biscuits and a bag of frozen berries, just enough to make up a cobbler.

I pressed a few raw biscuits in the bottom on a baking dish and sprinkled with Cinnamon and Sugar. Next I filled the dish with frozen berries and drizzled with honey. Last I topped the berries with more pressed raw biscuits and Cinnamon and Sugar. Baked at 350 for about 30 min. When I checked the cobbler, the top looked great, but the bottom was still doughy. I made this whole thing on on the fly, so to try and cook it longer without burning the top, I placed the glass cover on the dish and baked for another 30 min. That did the trick and turned out fully cooked. We served it up with a little ice cream. 
Tasty treat on a wannabe Fall day! Hurry Fall, hurry!

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  1. Yes hurry Fall! I can tell it is just around the corner. What a great cobbler! I am going to try this for sure.


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