Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dining Room Wall Makeover

See how I used these five items shown below to create a new look for our dining room.

 By using the needle, thread and small paint brush, I was able to create the large circles on the wall. Thread the needle and find where you want the center of the circle to be. Once you pick the spot, push the pin into the wall, just enough so it is secure. Extend the thread out to the desired width of the circle and tie the small paint brush to the end of the thread. 

Next is the tricky part. (It helps to have a partner holding the paint can)
Dip the brush into the paint. Stretch the string out straight and close to the wall. Hold the paint brush perpendicular to the wall and draw the circle. You will need to reload the brush several times, this is why it helps to have a partner holding the can. Repeat until you have all the circles you want on the wall.

I wanted the lines to be thicker than the results I saw from the small paint brush, so I went back over all the lines with a 2" angle brush.

Last I wanted to add a few small circles and did this by using the red charger plate shown above. Simply trace the plate on the wall and go back over the lines with the 2" angle brush.

 Not having internet at home for the past two weeks got my creative juices flowing. Happy painting!

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  1. april!!!

    this is beautiful! i love the paint color you selected as well. it's magazine worthy!

    welcome back! i've missed you.

  2. I LOVE the look, April! You are so creative & talented!

    Auntie Carol

  3. Wow, now which room can I do this in!!!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely compliments! I feel the love for sure and missed you all as well.


  5. This is amazing! I'm mentally picturing big circles on all of my walls, just need to narrow done and pick the right one. I'm sooo doing this!!

  6. Did you read my mind????? I have a project with metallic paint planed for my bedroom in the furture (still wrapping up other rooms). I love your dinning room. So glad to see you back, did you get everything fixed? I have prayed for you guys many times through out the last few weeks when you would come to mind.

    Hope you have a beautiful day,
    Cha Cha

  7. Great way to create a cool updated look.
    Love it April


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