Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Mommy, that is not good for my mouth!"

I have been so very convicted this week about keeping on track with my goal for healthy weight. The holiday weekend was killer for the diet, but Monday brought renewed motivation as I read the bible lesson for this coming Sunday. (As many of you know, hubby and I teach Sunday School to an awesome group of three year olds). The Lesson is on Daniel 1: 1-20, "I can make choices". Here is the basic breakdown for the kids.
  • God loved Daniel and took care of him. God helped Daniel grow and learn.
  • Daniel learned to do the things God told him to do.
  • Daniel chose to eat foods that would help him grow.
  • This was Daniel's way to show he loved God.
We are supposed to talk about taking care of ourselves, making good choices, while this past weekend was packed with cupcakes and Nutella! To top it all off, our sweet girl thankfully does not share in my love of sweets, as she turns her nose up at most everything loaded with sugar. She hit me with this lovely quote when offered a cupcake..."Mommy, that is not good for my mouth!". Oh, that hurts! hahaha. You have to love the honesty of a toddler.


  1. That's wonderful! We were recently at a one year olds birthday. Everyone over one got Birthday cake but when we sat Toby down with his Cheerios guess what they all wanted! It was hilarious.

  2. first, look at how cute she is in her red white & blue hair bows!

    second, i am right there with you! i didn't exercise at ALL this winter & boy did the pounds come on. now it is so hot to do anything. i used to eat *whatever* in moderation but always exercise, now...i'm going to have cut waaaaay back & do double duty for the exercise.

    hope you have a great wknd!

  3. Well, I don't blame you for giving in to Nutella. But I know what you mean about the struggle to make good choices. Since I don't have kids, I look at my dog sometimes and think, I feed her the best, healthiest food that I can find, and I give her lots of exercise, so why shouldn't I do the same for myself? It always seems harder to take care of yourself sometimes, for whatever reason. So good luck with your goal! (Have you tried Pilates before? I started doing Pilates at the gym and that has been helping a lot with getting me into shape -- that and a class called BodySculpt where you combine cardio with weights.)

  4. that is the most percious picture of Elise to date! I love it and also what she said about not good for her mouth. If only I would say that everytime I go for te chip bag!


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