Friday, March 25, 2011


March has been one busy month! Truth be told January to present has been absolutely insane, with an abundance of birthday parties, illness, and life in general. Through it all I have felt the stress know what happened next right? Bit by bit, I started to get a little more of God's perspective and a little less of my own.
We have been trying to tame some weeds in our backyard flower bed, and nothing seemed to work. Finally, we just gave up and left them alone. Weeks went by and our sweet girl decided to pluck at some of those pesky weeds, and what she pulled up was not a weed, as we had thought, it was a carrot! Carrots are growing in our backyard, seemingly out of no where! Come to find out, our little one had dumped the entire Veggie Tales carrot seed pack out into the garden, months back...
This got me thinking about all the times I fret over things that are blessings in disguise. The so called weeds, invading our little flower bed, turned out to be a positive, which lead to a sweet after school story time.

Thank you Becky, for the fun oversize copy of The Carrot Seed!


  1. This story is so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Auntie Carol


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