Monday, January 24, 2011

My Hidden Talent...

Balloon Art!
It all started when our sweet girl picked out a bag of balloon art balloons at the store. She, like most kids loves balloons and this balloon art bag, with images of balloon dogs, flowers, etc. was the best thing ever! This is when I took to the internet in hopes of finding tutorials on simple balloon art. Well, as you can imagine there is no shortage of videos on creating balloon art.
The Flower was my first success.

Here is my quick and basic guide to creating the balloon flower.

First, I found this bag of balloons and the balloon pump at Hobby Lobby.
Next, inflate one balloon, leaving about a one inch tip at the bottom, and then tie the two ends together to form a loop.
 Pinch the tied end into the center of the loop and twist, creating a bow tie.
Fold the bow tie in half, matching the two loops up, then pinch the twisted/tied end into the center of the loops. Now twist at the center point to create the flower top.

It's time for the steam. Inflate another balloon, again leaving a one inch tip at the end. At the tied end of the balloon make a one inch twist to create a small bubble. This will be the center of the flower.
Position the bubble on top of the flower and push the steam into the center of the flower petals.
This is a basic flower. Click here for a video on how to create it.

It's amazing what we learn from parenting. Kids have a way of shaking things up and pushing us out of our comfort zone, and sometimes into a silly place like balloon art!


  1. How FUN! Next you'll have to do a pink poodle. BTW there's going to be a new show about balloon art people on TLC soon. I'll let you know when it will air.

    Auntie Carol

  2. Your Photos are awesome. Love the way you displayed this.


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