Friday, April 6, 2012

They are listening!

 Elise's teacher has been reading Easter themed books this week at school to the kids. Yesterday she chose a book from the approved books and found that the content was on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Elise goes to a private preschool and they do say a prayer before snacks and lunch, but they are not supposed to teach or read content that reflects any one faith. The teacher decided that if the book was in the approved books she would go ahead and read it, but decided to not use specific names. She began by reading that there was a man who died on a cross...Elise raises her hand and the teacher calls on her. Elise says, "It was not a man Ms. Barbara his name is Jesus.", to that the teacher says, yes you are right Elise. The teacher continues on and says that he was buried and...Elise pops her hand up and says "Jesus rose again three days later and he lives!", teachers says, you are right again. About this time the teacher decides that the topic is getting too deep for the class and ends the book.
When I heard about this yesterday, I was totally ecstatic that Elise is actually listening to me and her Sunday school teachers, and then reminded that these little ones are taking in everything they can to form their little faith foundation and how precious and urgent it is for them to know Him early on! 
Happy Easter everyone!